30 September 2008

One year ago today

One year ago today, we were on the last leg of our move from NC to CA. It was, in short, the Drive From Hell. We started the morning (at 6 AM, as I recall) Gallup, NM, and didn't stop till we'd reached Dublin, 916 miles later. We had 2 cars with us, so that meant Mitch and I both had to drive that entire route. If I never set foot (so to speak) on I-5 again, it will be too soon! I will say this, though, I'd never been so glad to happen upon 24-hr Starbucks in all my life! I literally think that large (grande? venti? whatever the F they call a "large" there) white chocolate mocha I ordered around 11pm was one of the two thing that kept me awake during that final stretch (the other being a Jack station out of Fresno that seemed to be channeling my iTunes library, thus allowing me to sing U2 and Police songs at the top of my lungs for a few hours).

After a year, CA is feeling very much like home (esp. thanks to the new, larger house we're in now after 11 months of being cooped up!)

26 September 2008

It's working!

My campaign to rid the world of poor grammar is working! I apparently have inspired others. A few days ago, I pulled into the same gas station where I launched my campaign back in April. At the same island where it all began, I was thrilled to find this, with corrections already added.

23 September 2008

54 words

I'm actually shocked that my speed (such as it is) is so fast, LOL

54 words

Typing Test