16 June 2007

The Rusty Remains

They opened the car time capsule in Tulsa yesterday.

Her's an update before it was unveiled:

And, the final unveiling:

Here's a CNN article about it, too.

All told, I kninda wish Id been there!


Taminator said...

I kinda wish I'd been there, too, Nanci! Too bad the car ended up in such bad shape.


Marji said...

I'm surprised they opened it after 50, Doesn't really seem all that OLD!! ;)
What is telling is comparing the fashions the burying crew wore with the way that the unveiling crew are dressed. The crew that were involved in the unveiling were def a scraggily dressed bunch by comparison.

Nanci said...

I, too, was surprised that the people unearthing everything looked as they did. I mean, sure, they're doing a dirty job, but there's a "clean" way to dress for dirty work. (I hate to reference this, but the crews on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" have the look nailed.)

I'm not at all surprised that you noticed the clothes though :-)