02 December 2007

Def. not in Kansas (or OK, or NC) anymore...

I've been loving the weather here in No Cal, but it only truly hit home for me how different it is from everywhere else we've ever lived this past Friday. I'd taken Ethan to school and no sooner had we entered the school yard (where all the kids play until the AM bell rings and they walk to their classes together), when the girl who sits next to him can running up saying "Ethan, Ethan! You've gotta come see - there's ICE on the PLAYGROUND!!!!" They both went running off to see the wondrous event. I walked ove and was greatly amused to see probably 50 kids crammed into about a 40 sq. ft section of the cork that lies below all the playground equipment "skating" on the "ice." From the looks of the excitement on their faces, it might have been the first time any of them had ever experienced "ice" before. Not a coat was in sight, I don't need to tell you. Was it ice? I'm not even sure - it seemed like a thin layer of frost to me, but it was enough that no one had to pick up their tennis shoes or sandals make the feet move.

After returning home form the ice event, I heard that the middle of the country was experiencing a blizzard. I think I'll take our icy cork flooring any day!

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Michelle said...

Quite the contrast from the NC life we shared... we too are experiencing the awe and wonder of SNOw... we have a couple of inches on the ground, and it's been here a little more than a week... and hasn't melted... my kids are shocked that it's still there... every morning they come to the top of the stairs and look out across the yard and yell'... It snowed again mommy! And I yell.. NOPE... just didn't melt yet! ;-)