05 January 2008

Down came the rain

It is finally raining here in NoCal. I was promised a rainy season, and dammit, there had been hardly a drop before this week. But man, we're making up for ti! I don't know what the current stats are, but as of about 24 hrs ago we had had 6.5" of rain, and it's been pouring all day again today (with several more days to come). Thank God it's in the 50s, or we'd be all iced up.

Before the rain arrived, I took a few minutes to "harvest" our oranges (hoe many pieces are required for it to be a harvest?). I've never had a fruit tree, let alone a citrus tree, before, so I know nothing about how to care for them and prompt more fruit growth. That being said, we had 3 good-looking oranges, and one that is not quite ready to come off the tree. if it survives this storm, I will be pleased. Anyhoo, here's pics of the tree and our harvest. Next up, I plan to do lemons, once I figure them out.

The "flooded" pic above was one I took this afternoon while running some errands, It is flooded in some places, though I'm into quite sure why that sign was placed in the middle of a median on a street that's clearly not flooded. Maybe it's there on spec?

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Lesley said...

Send some to the other coast! It's still insanely dry here, though we have gotten some over the last week.

Can I tell you how jealous I am that you have fruit trees?