07 February 2008

Eloquent answer of the day

I was at a meeting today at my new job (which is going fabulously, btw), and one of the head guys was wandering through the area saying hello to everyone as things were getting started, doing that standard, "Hi, how are you?" thing where you ask the question but don't really stick around to hear the answer. So, he got to me, and was chatting with me when he noticed my laptop on the table behind me.

My desktop wallpaper is the photo accompanying this post.

So, he glanced at the screen, and asked, "Oh, is that your husband?" I was just speechless. I think my reply was "Uhhhhhh...." before he moved on to the next person. The girl sitting next to me, however, was quite amused. Now I'm just wondering who to bring to the co. summer picnic or Christmas party. I've warned Mitch, and he is on the lookout for some Fly shades...

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