17 March 2008

The St Patrick's Day Massacre

Destruction rained down on Ethan's classroom today, as the class discovered that their room had been overrun by leprechaun vandals over the weekend. Books were tossed around, chairs turned over, name tags on desks switched, and everyone's behavior card was turned to red. No leprechauns were caught (in spite of 20 traps set around the room), but taunting notes, footprints, and gold coins were left in the vandals' wake. Ethan's trap is the one you can see here - the hill with an Irish flag, a pot of gold, and tons of shiny shamrocks and leprechauns glued on to attract the creatures so renown for their love of all things tacky.


Taminator said...

This is great! I love creativity like this. Unfortunately, it can't be tested under NCLB. :P

Nanci said...

Yeah, I am ready to leave NCLB behind! Can you guess I'm pinning all hopes on November?

Ethan did love making his trap - and it was great fun seeing what all the kids came up with!