07 July 2008

First grade friends (or not)

While doing some work cleaning out the garage this weekend, I came across a box of old pictures, mostly things just tossed in at random over the years. I found several good ones from high school and college, and so I spent some time scanning them and uploading a few to Facebook. Ethan loved seeing old pics of me and Mitch, friends of ours from school, etc. He even mistook a few old pics of Mitch (during his pre-school years) as pics of himself wearing outfits he does not remember.

I was talking to my mom about all of this at lunch today, saying something to the effect of "it's interesting to see where the people I knew in first grade (or thereabouts) have ended up." I mean, who can really tell, at age 6 or 7, what anyone will become as an adult? Ethan was listening to all of this, and started asking me to tell him about some people. I obliged, telling him Chris is now a doctor, Shannon is now an accountant, and so on. He was quiet for a while and then asked, "What about Dick Cheney?" I said "What about Dick Cheney?" thinking perhaps he'd moved on to another topic, to which he replied, "Didn't you go to first grade with Dick Cheney?" I'm not sure how old he thinks I am, or how old he things Dick is, but I assured him, I did NOT go to first grade with DC. I know all grown-ups look old to kids, so I am not even thinking about the 40 yr age gap in play here.

And if I had gone to school with the Evil One, do you think I'd admit it? I'm sure Mrs Elrod wouldn't admit she'd taught him.


Doubtful Muse said...

Well, Nanci, I must say -- you're VERY well preserved. LOL! That reminds me of this time, a long time ago, when I did some literacy work. One of the kids said she liked Madonna and I said I did too and this adorable little girl expressed shock and awe that someone of my ADVANCED age could like Madonna! Why? I asked. "Well," she informed me, "because you are old enough to be Madonna's mother!" For the record, Madonna is older than I am. I was *so* amused.

Christin said...

that is such a cute story!