12 November 2008

One of the coolest iPhone apps yet


Taminator said...

I worry about you on a daily basis, Nanci. lol

Have you seen the application you can download that makes an image of a lighter on a screen? That way you can still wave a lighter at a concert while also waving your cell phone. Pretty cool.

Nanci said...

Yep, the Freebird app. LOL I don't have that, but Mitch does. I do have some really useful ones, too, not all stoopid apps. I've got a flashlight, for example, which is great as I am bland and constantly lose things in the dark, I've' got my Facebook mobile app, which one cannot live without for obvious reasons, solitaire, which is great for killing time when waiting to pick E up from school, etc etc etc

Oh, and one can't forget the Star Wars light saber - definitely E's all-time (o far) fav app!

Taminator said...

I may worry about you, Nanci, but of course I also try to emulate your genius at all times. :) So I suppose I should also be worrying about myself, hmmm?