09 January 2007

Bright colors on a grey day

It seems our mid-winter summertime weather has come and gone, and we've been left here with drizzle, grey skies, and temps that, tomorrow, will not get above 45. Where's that 74 from last week now?

However, all is not lost - I spent a fantastic morning at the North Carolina Museum of Art taking in their exhibit Monet in Normandy. What a wonderful show it was! It's being put on as a join project between the NCMA, The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. The show is 50+ works by Monet, and they are just magnificent. As you can imagine from the title, it's all work done in Normandy, which gives us a great sampling of his work - water lilies from Giverny, haystacks, Etretat, cliffs, seascapes, and the Rouen Cathedral. The exhibit has been here for two months and closes Sunday - the last article I read about it said the only remaining tickets were for 3:30-4:30 AM Sunday (yes, the last 36 hrs go non-stop), but today at the museum there was a notice up saying ALL tickets for all days and ties had gone. Though I was glad to go at 9:30 AM, there is something sort of irresistible about going in the middle of the night to see it.

After the museum, my mom and I went to Zest, one of my all-time fav lunch places - life is good :-)

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