28 January 2007

Why will there always be an England?

Last night, Mitch and I went to see Children of Men. It's a fine film, and I am glad we saw it, though I have to wonder - why is that post-apocalyptic stories always seem to be set in England? Just off the top of my head (and in no order of quality), we've got 1984, Brave New World, V is For Vendetta, Never Let Me Go, and now, Children of Men. The old saying "there'll always be an England" seems to have become a literary and cinematic, if not just an historic, one. Why? Is it the island effect, or something else? I'm curious.

I also learned - Alfonso CuarĂ³n is fond of the hand-held camera. Word to the wise: get there early enough to avoid a seat in the second row. I was more than a bit seasick by the midpoint in the movie, and I'm not a seasick sorta person usually.

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