28 February 2007

Lost in Translation

I think so familiarize for many people that excellently Japanese sake.

I like to think of myself as quite fluent in Engrish, but the above has be absolutely baffled. Anyone reading this who cares to take a stab at a better English translation, be my guest!


G said...

I think thw whole world should stop what it's doing and drink lots of sake, now. Sake is good. Sake is excellent. Much hot sake obviates the need for grammar.

(Blame the two days of thunderstorms from which we have not yet recovered - my uni is closed because a metre of ice did a great deal of damage - and sake sounds really, really good)

Michellers said...

Nanci, I'm pretty sure that the translation was supposed to be: "Many people now recognize that Japanese sake gets you excellently drunk."

Or maybe that's just me.