09 November 2007

Random iPod inspection

EW's Popwatch (a column I love) does a random iPod inspection from time to time, and it's always fun to see what mine will reveal So fire up your iPod and see what the first 5 shuffled songs will be! (This pic is stolen from Popwatch too, it's nice to see them giving the Aussie blokes some love.)

My results today:

! All Because of You, U2
2 Rapper's Delight (Medley), from the Wedding Singer soundtrack
3 I Burn for You (Live), Sting
4 Elevation, U2 (Live from the Vertigo Tour, 2005)
5 Fast Cars, U2

Hmmm... I sense a pattern...

On a semi-related note, I bought a new desk calendar for 2008 today, the 1980s Book of Days, it looks gnarly!

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