20 November 2007

You, too, can be a Soccer Mom

Yes, it's true, apparently anyone can become a soccer mom. ll it takes is an excitable 6 yr old (I recommend boys, though I am sure a girl would work too), one pair of shin guards, and a registration fee.

Ethan has been proclaiming his love for soccer for about two years now, and today, he finally joined an official soccer group. He told me before we left today that he wanted to be the goalie, and was thrilled to get to be one for part of their game. I was pretty impressed, too, that he did so well - it was his first time out and he blocked four goals. His team btw, is the Carrots. they devastated the Blueberries this afternoon.

I'm also amazed that, in mid-late November, it was actually comfortable sitting on the ground for 45 minutes watching him. I'm not sure where my coat is, but it was fabulous not to need it or care! This NoCal weather can grow on a girl...


Michelle said...

We're becoming the 'basketball mom' this weekend ;-) Basketball officially starts Saturday and JJ couldn't be more excited (other than the snow that he thinks falls every night)... He pulls his jersey out each night and asks... it's it tomorrow??

Nanci said...

That's exactly what Ethan was like before soccer started! We're on a break now, but it resumes in mid-January, and he is counting the days already.