20 November 2007

Dance With Me Sesame

I wish I'd thought of this myself, but, as usual EW.com's PopWatch got it spot on. The resemblance is uncanny!

You, too, can be a Soccer Mom

Yes, it's true, apparently anyone can become a soccer mom. ll it takes is an excitable 6 yr old (I recommend boys, though I am sure a girl would work too), one pair of shin guards, and a registration fee.

Ethan has been proclaiming his love for soccer for about two years now, and today, he finally joined an official soccer group. He told me before we left today that he wanted to be the goalie, and was thrilled to get to be one for part of their game. I was pretty impressed, too, that he did so well - it was his first time out and he blocked four goals. His team btw, is the Carrots. they devastated the Blueberries this afternoon.

I'm also amazed that, in mid-late November, it was actually comfortable sitting on the ground for 45 minutes watching him. I'm not sure where my coat is, but it was fabulous not to need it or care! This NoCal weather can grow on a girl...

14 November 2007

A day late & a dollar (give or take) short

I was saddened, today, to learn that I'm too late in my quest to buy an Ethiopia-shaped island. I wonder what else might be left? Have a browse here.

13 November 2007

What happens in Dublin stays in Dublin

Ethan's school is having its annual gala fundraiser next March. Info went home to parents today - this year's theme will be Viva las Vegas, with the tag line "What happens in Dublin stays in Dublin." LOL There will be dinner, an auction, and gaming tables. Apparently last year they raised $45,000 in one night. Yikes! At least we don't have to endue endless bake sales, candy bar sales, wrapping paper sales, etc. This puts the $10 Baileywick cookbook from last year to shame.

09 November 2007

Hey dúid, don't be a dorc

Check out this sóúil article in the NY Times.

Random iPod inspection

EW's Popwatch (a column I love) does a random iPod inspection from time to time, and it's always fun to see what mine will reveal So fire up your iPod and see what the first 5 shuffled songs will be! (This pic is stolen from Popwatch too, it's nice to see them giving the Aussie blokes some love.)

My results today:

! All Because of You, U2
2 Rapper's Delight (Medley), from the Wedding Singer soundtrack
3 I Burn for You (Live), Sting
4 Elevation, U2 (Live from the Vertigo Tour, 2005)
5 Fast Cars, U2

Hmmm... I sense a pattern...

On a semi-related note, I bought a new desk calendar for 2008 today, the 1980s Book of Days, it looks gnarly!

07 November 2007

03 November 2007

Capt. Ethan

It's so great to be living in a place where there's cool, fun stuff to do EVERY weekend.

Today, Mitch & Ethan went to the Hiller Aviation Museum to check out the planes while my mom and I hung out at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. I can't wait to begin Christmas shopping... Note to all gift receivers reading this - update those Amazon wish lists ;-)