23 September 2006

This and that

This week has been far, far better than last. My students are still bizarre and other things are odd, but at least they're not all driving me up the wall.

I did learn this from one of my students: Every [school] applicant, regardless the method of enrollment, must physically consort with a [school name] education counselor before completing the enrollment process. We are nothing if not friendly, I guess. (Notice he didn't say faculty must consort - thank God for that!)

I we had dogs, here's what they'd be wearing for Halloween:

Ethan is going as Mater from the Cars movie, and has spent the better part of the week saying "Trick or Treat from Radiator Springs" and similar phrases in Mater's voice. Should I be proud of his accent and mimicry skills, or appalled that a redneck voice comes to him so easily?

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