12 September 2006

Which plague?

Don't all medievalists need to know which plague they'd have?

Which Medieval Plague Do You Have?

Congratulations! You have the Red Plague! Known today as Smallpox, you are highly contagious, suffering from fever, chills, headache and a terrible backache. Within days you will develop a red rash over most of your body. You will then probably develop pus-filled blisters on your skin. You will be sick for weeks. The good news is the mortality rate is only 25% (good odds for the Middle Ages!). The bad news is you will probably be left with ugly pox marks. On the plus side, you will be forever immune to it if you survive. Too bad you will probably give it to everyone in your family.
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Marji said...

ah, the key word there is "probably" Remember that good queen Bess came through it unscathed, yet (oh who was it) was scarred so badly she asked to leave court forever.

Michellers said...

Yuck, I got The Plague...not much hope for me :-)