21 September 2006

Too much honesty

Note to self:

if ever taking a class again, instead of teaching it, remember not to explain poor performance in the following way:

Well, I know I didn't participate hardly at all last week and I completely missed an assignment but I went to Seattle to audition for American Idol and honestly walked right passed my laptop that was all ready to go. I was so stressed about everything else I guess. And I didn't know anyone so I had no access to a computer. Anyways, I know I missed a lot from last week but it was for a good reason. To me at least. I will do much better at planning on getting my homework done before I go on any future trips. I am sorry.

Very good - telling a teacher that American Idol (of all things...shudder) is more important than her class.

Can you hear me sawing away on my tiny violin?

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