02 April 2008

Yo Momma...

This has got to be the funniest blog I've come across in a long time. The entry below is my fav (so far)

APRIL 2, 2008
Convent internship

Thanks for your note. How coincidental that just this morning we have just completed the application process for [xxx]’s entry into the 5 yr. convent internship program, conveniently located adjacent the main gate at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

Having the Army so nearby gives the sisters that added sense of security.

I am sure she’ll be in touch once the 2 year seclusion period passes.



Anonymous said...

My favorite is this one:

getting cooler - maybe not for you, but for us Southern folks:

today’s hi/lo = 77/50 “chance for showers in evening”
tomorrow’s = 60/51 “showers most of day and much cooler”
Sunday’s = 54/41 “mostly sunny with below normal highs”
Monday’s = 67/44 “mostly sunny skies” - though our hearts will be cloudy with your departure

looks like you’re bringing some of your chill down with you :)

please bring hose appropriate for church - I know Jesus went barefoot/sandals, but ladies wear hose in church if nowhere else

have a great day & smooth flights


Nanci said...

That one's good too -I've gotten a few emails like that in my time, LOL

Taminator said...

Here's a good funny for you...apparently a boy scout troop at our church just repainted a trailer they use with the words "Hermitage Presbyterian Chruch." No one's fixed it yet.


Nanci said...

Too funny! Where was the Scoutmaster when that was being painted?!?