09 October 2006

Buenos dias, Señor Cleaver. ¿Donde esta Wallace y Theodore?

I'm going with Ethan's kindergarten class to Ganyard Hill Farm for a field trip on Thursday. I was been told this afternoon that I'll be in charge of three boys: Ethan, a child who speaks only Hmong (I think), and another who speaks only Spanish. The above is ALL I can say in Spanish and, well, it's about all I can say in Hmong, too. Given that the volunteer background checks included a box where we were to tell all foreign languages we can speak (Russian and French for me), you'd think they'd get a Spanish speaker to help out with the Spanish-speaking kids.

It should be interesting!

The Hmong boy, btw, is one of two in his class whom Ethan has identified as his "best friend." They sat together at the Blue Table for the first month of school, which I suspect cemented their relationship - that and the fact that the other kid had no way to tell Ethan to be quiet and leave him alone ;-) E, btw, feels VERY important for being charged with teaching his new friend to speak English. He must assume the ESL teachers are recruiting him to serve as their intern...

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