19 October 2006

Disgusted, but not surprised

Needless to say, I'm disgusted with P-Run's choosing Tattoo Neck as the Season 3 winner, but then, I'm not entirely surprised. There was waaaay too much manufactured drama, demonizing, and redemption from the editors for it to go any other way, I'm afraid. Oh well, this tends top put me in a pattern of not preferring the winning designer each year. Last year (and still), my heart belonged to Daniel V and Uncle Nick, while this year Uli, Michael, and Laura all won me over. Hell, I even cared about one of the models (Nazri), and had opinions about another (motormouth Amanda). LOL - when Heidi says "remember, models, this is also a competition for you," I typically snort derisively and wait for them to auf one and get on with the show, but this season they actually did things to make the clothes hangers interesting. Who would have though this was possible?

Thank God LOST can still be relied up on to amuse me on Wednesday nights! (Though I'm already missing it on account of the upcoming several weeks with no show.)

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