11 October 2006

Shocking news

I'm still in shock, Laura Bennett doesn't live in a doorman building.

What more can P-Run throw at me?


Gillian said...

Such a turbulent life. How on *earth* do you confine your emotions so .. so.. demurely.

I'm overcome with sympathy :). So overcome that words just don't work (I counted my library today though, in lieu of gainsome activity of which I have much that is urgent).

My conclusion is that my library isn't big enough. And that Project Runway takes up far too much of your time. You need to do what I do and watch repeats of Buffy.

Nanci said...

Oh no, don't assign me ANOTHER show to begin watching. I'm already up to my eyeballs in stuff that needs to be seen.

Wanna come count my library? We've got the (room) library all fitted out, but still have oh, 30 or so boxes full of books in one of the garages, the basement, my office, etc. - basically anywhere a box can be stashed, one is. (groan)

Gillian said...

You pay my way, I count your library :). I need a holiday and I am a whizz at counting books.