30 November 2006

All I Want (and Do Not) Want for Christmas

I know that people can be hard to shop for around the holidays. So, as a public service, I present here a list of things I do not want for Christmas (and a few I'd be happy to accept).

FELT TREES to decorate the table and hide bottles of things like wine and ketchup

A CERAMIC STAND for umbrellas in the shape of a Roman gladiator’s foot, by Fornasetti, for $625 from Bergdorf Goodman

Painted WOODEN CUTOUTS – weird, weird, weird

A FLOOR LAMP made of resin is as large as, well, a horse. By Front Design for Moooi, in the Netherlands, for $4,100. Paging Joey Tribbiani... For that price, I will buy a real horse and strap a miner’s lamp to his head.

THE 16-INCH CUBE TABLE by Mario Marsicano, a New York designer, is made of Plexiglas, though it would be worth considering if the thing could be turned a la Rubik

MOROCCAN POUFS, 22 inches in diameter, that come in a variety of colors, for $225, or silver and gold for $285; from John Derian Company in NYC. Just WTF are these, anyhow?

Actually, I kind of like these SILVER BELLS, 14 inches high, with masklike faces, but doubt I will ever own them.

I also like this GLASS VASE from a new collection of 10 designed by Michele De Lucchi, a member of the Memphis design group in the 1980s, but not its price: $3,150

I would also enjoy this juicy price of property at 19 Avenue Kl├ęber in the 16th Arrondissement, Paris.


michellers said...

Wow, I actually really really want those felt tree bottle covers. Where ever did you find them?

Nanci said...

Felt bottle covers: $90 to $110 at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, 2 East 91st Street, (212) 849-8352.

michellers said...

Yikes, those are some pricy bottle covers! I might have to figure out how to make them myself--in my copious free time ;-)

Nanci said...

I am sure they could be made for far less than $90. Hell, for $45 I'd figure it out for you myself! ;-) (In my only slightly more copious free time...)

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