16 November 2006

Rain & the Weekly Reader

I'm killing time in a major way this morning. I've got two new sections of Intro to Research and the first assignments pertaining to the students' research papers are killing me. I die a little bit inside every time I have to send a note to yet another student telling them that, even though the Weekly Reader's articles do come up in search engine results, they are college students and therefore it's not an appropriate source for their work. So, in an effort to hide from these people, I'm finally pulling he artwork together for my office. I now have an inspirational view to gaze upon whenever the classes are just driving me crazy. If these guys can't make me feel better, I'm stuck. ;-)

When not putting holes in the wall, I've been monitoring the creek behind the house. Normally the creek is about 4 inches deep, with banks about 4 ft high. Today, it's nearly full. I've not seen it this busy down there since Ernesto this summer. Here's the view from my office window.

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