07 August 2006

Construction Time Again

Like the fabulous old Depeche Mode album, it's been construction time again here today. I'll begin teaching a full slate of classes in a few weeks, so it's time to stop dawdling and finally (after only 6 months...) get my office set up properly.

I'd done some preliminary looking online, but never could seem to find what I wanted at a price I was will to pay (who pays $2100 for a desk?!?) I also had it in my head that I wanted white bead-board style pieces (which would match our interior doors here), which is not the simplest look to find. Long story short, I went out looking this morning and fell in love with something totally different, the black furniture you see here (though I did not get the hutch that goes on the desktop). After only a few hours of building (and two trips schlepping it all home), I now have office furniture! Now i just need to get the boxes and boxes (and more boxes still) of stuff labeled "Nanci's office" out of the garage and into some sort of decent order. I think I'll wait on that though till the skin on my hands stops aching from all the manual labor. I def. feel like a prole today ;-)


liz said...

Wow, pretty! Is that chair comfy? Looks like it could handle a cushion or two. ;-)

Nanci said...

Thanks! The chair is actually very comfy, though I may well add a cushion at some point. (I've got to get something that will look OK with the stripey chair in the room and the Restoration Hardware grey-green walls). I found this AM that doing so is easier said than done :-)