30 August 2006

First day of school

At long last, the first day of school arrived today. Ethan was, as you can imagine, beyond excited! Last night before bed he practiced opening his Cars lunchbox, using his backpack, etc. He even declared that the wanted to make his own lunch!

As you can see from the first picture here, he opted for an old standby, PB cracker sandwiches. he makes a mean PB cracker sandwich though, so I was happy for him to have these for lunch.

Ethan was a great sport about us taking a zillion pictures of him. We did the deck, in the house, and also on the front porch (seen here). It was only after we got to school and I wanted to document his walk down the sidewalk into the building that he seemed to realize how silly I was being with all the paparazzi action. (I stopped!)

Today was a full day with other kids whose last names begin with P-Sm (I think). He'll find out who his teacher is Friday during a meet the teacher hour, and begin in his regular classroom next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.


Gillian said...

Aw :).

That lunchbox is so big beside him. And he is going to outgrow it so quickly!

Liz said...

Go Ethan!

I'm glad he had a good day.

Michellers said...

So cute! He is starting to get that "mom, you're being silly" look in his eye in that last pic LoL! I know I'll be the same way...