10 August 2006

I am a cool mom :-)

I am officially a cool mom, or at least, an influential one. As I type, Ethan is laying on the floor in my office, playing trains and singing "Vogue," by Madonna. He stops every now and then to vogue. (Mitch taught him how on one of our trips this year.) I already loves that he begs to hear Bono and steals my shades cos they look like fly shades on him, but this is, perhaps, true evidence that he's a Cool Kid. It's one thing to think Bono is tha bomb (that just shows superior intelligence), but to also choose other cool music indicates to me that he's being raised properly. Though really, should I be surprised he likes Madge? When pregnant with him he always freaked out and kicked extra hard when I played Prince CDs.

1 comment:

Gillian said...

You will be a really cool Mum when Ethan sings stuff in dead languages. That wil make you a trend-leader.