24 August 2006

Pulling my hair out

In what part of the universe would it ever be a good idea to tell one's writing instructor on Day 3 of a new class that you don't think spelling and grammar should always "count" when writing?!? Would you be surprised that such statements might send your instructor into orbit? See, I ask this because I, being a normal person, think spelling and grammar always count. If only my students agreed...

It should be an interesting block of classes!

When not dealing with these bright lights, I'm slogging through an editing job on the most wordy, densely packed ms on 16th century Italian art with mythological themes you could ever imagine. The contrasts here are staggering.


Katja said...

Are you having flashbacks to our Medieval and Renaissance Art and Music Colloquium?

Nanci said...

If only it was that well written! And really, I KNOW Santiago de Compostela forwards and backwards - bring it on! ;-)