11 August 2006

Magnetic attraction

As you know, I am, nothing if not the soul of practicality in all things. As such, I think it's time to place and order for this bed which can also serve as a dining table or plinth. You know what a pain it is to have to leave the dining room and go aaaaaalllllllll the way upstairs to sleep, so I see this as a really handy, practical item for the home.

While I'm buying practical furniture, have I mentioned how much I love the Nelson Marshmallow sofa (above)? I'd never put it in the house, but would love to have a lobby someplace to use it.


lynn said...

leave it to the ever-enterprising Dutch, lol!

Michellers said...

I can't help but think about the poor bastard with an inconveniently placed piercing pulling his chair up to the magnet configured as a table. Yikes!