27 August 2006

Spending time with a dictator & a Mexican food

Well, it's Back To School time, and I find myself surrounded by a colorful assortment of characters once again. I have one student whose name is disturbingly similar to that of a former dictator, another named for a Mexican recipe, and another who reminds me of a former Soviet leader. Were they intentionally named for these men and items, I doubt it, but then, I sorta doubt they even know these things exist. They're that on top of things. I've got people from all over too - several from OK, one guy from the West Indies (!), and two in Hawaii. Gotta love the Internet!

Seriously, though I know I will be pulling my hair out trying to explain what an apostrophe is and how to use it (and, that it's not the same as a quotation mark!), I do admire these people. From what I know, many of them have had far from great educational experiences in the past, so even being willing to try again says something for them.

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