16 August 2006

Snakes on a Plane

As Samuel L. Jackson said back in 2005, Snakes on a Plane – it’s exactly what it sounds like. They changed the name to “Pacific Flight 121,” But there seems to be a clamor for it to go back to “Snakes on a Plane” and I’m part of the “Snakes on a Plane” group - that’s one of the reasons I took the job. I either want to see that movie or I don’t. Because that’s what it is.

Well, it's more than just a movie, as you can read here.

As for me, I love reading the net chatter about the movie, how fans have affected the script, etc, but I'll pass on it. (See, Sam was right - the name tells me all I need to know.) I'm way more interested in seeing Edward Norton in The Illusionist.

1 comment:

Marji said...

me too, I'll skip it. although, have you gone to the website to have Sam call someone to tell them they need to go see it? my dh got one of those calls and was all "what what?" it was too too funny