05 July 2006

Colin Dunne, part 2 or, Oh my aching toes!


So, Colin Dunne is a dance god. Of course, we already knew that, didn't we? Still though, spending several hours working with him has just been amazing! The workshop began today and, though my big toes are KILLING me, it's all worth it. There are 18 of us in my class, 2/3 adults (yay!), and I think everyone is really enjoying themselves. We spent the first 2 hrs today on really nit-picky technique stuff, like how high one should lift and how much one should extend a leg when doing a back-2-3, how to place your feet during a plié or relévé (which then translates into foot placement during actual dancing), etc. It was nice to spend some time being made to think consciously about this sort of stuff. We do it all the time in regular classes, but there we're also trying to learn new steps, and so, I must admit, some of these finer points can get pushed aside. After the warm-up and technique sections of the class, we began working on a dance combination. i like it - it's got some turning, that sideways dancing Colin is so famous for developing, etc. It'll be fun to see what we do tomorrow.

Of course, this glowing review of the workshop has nothing to do with the fact that I got some good eye contact and nice comments from him on my dancing today. Nope, not at all... ;-)

Until my toes feel better or it's time to go to class tomorrow, I'm planning to stay parked on the couch with my feet up. LOST is on right now, and I have West Wing DVDs at my side, so all is right with the world.

BTW, for those of you out there thinking, "Just who is this Colin person, anyway?" read this.

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