17 July 2006

Wormest regards

I've not posted in the past few days because a) I've not been doing much - it's been in the 90s with high 90s humidity as well, and b) I've been editing loads.

Most of my clients are Japanese, and so are ESL speakers/writers. I love these people - they're loyal to me, and send me good stuff all the time - all of which is much better English than I'd ever hope to do in japanese - but sometimes, i can't help but relate to Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation."

There are only so many instances of "lip my stockings" a person can deal with. My favorite puzzler remains "a diet of centering fish." Looking back on this, the meaning seems totally obvious to me, but at the time, I was beyond confused. I thought perhaps this was some zen-inspired species of fish and wondered what we call it in English. Then, after a loooong time, it occurred to me that the person has a diet centered around fish. Oh - that makes sense!

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