21 July 2006

Dreaming of other places

It's hot here. It's been hot, and will continue being hot. Oh, and muggy too. When it gets like this, I can't help but with I was someplace else, like one of the places we've been earlier this year.

The first picture you see was taken on the California coast, at Mandalay Beach. This was taken from our terrace. Interestingly, I think this view, away from the beach, is more interesting than the standard "beach shots" I took looking out over the ocean.

As some may recognize, this was taken on Divisidero, in San Francisco. Each time we go there, Mitch has to drive up and down its hills - I'll tell ya though, it's a view I never get tired of!

I'm thinking it would be supercool to have my very own icehouse, like this one at Sagamore HIll.

Or maybe just a dip in the Pacific would cure me (this was taken just outside of Santa Barbara).

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