14 July 2006

Frightening fashions

Everyone reading this knows I'm a medievalist, but even I won't go so far as some of the stuff being show at Paris Fashion Week now.

The "wedding gown" is from Jean-Paul Gaultier, the others here are Galliano for Dior. Yikes!

This red is a bit Elizabethan, but no less scary. The others, well, sorta make me think this is what drag shows might have looked like ca. 1450.

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Marji said...

hysterical! Did you see the Elizabethan collars about a month ago?
Meanwhile...HEY! she finally got a blog.
thanks for popping by on my b'day. Mind if I link you on my sidebar?
There is a real void in the blogworld since the Dolce Divas closed up shop - maybe we should consider filling it - couple of diva's that we are. (one of us tho, insists on the incorrect placement of apostrophes on a regular basis)