26 July 2006

I'm ready for Jepoardy!

This week has been slow, in terms of fun things going on. I had a great time at our last dance class at the old studio last night, we did a Morris 8-Hand that's super cool, but alas, now I'm afraid it's back to editing, editing, and more editing.

So, whenever Jeopardy! knocks on my door - I'm ready! I can tell you all about the iron absorption via infant formulas in rats, which health insurance companies are the best and worst about paying claims in Florida, and can provide an endless supply of "the couch was a former fright attendant" type stuff for "translation." Surely all this seemingly useless info will pay off sometime?

I've got some cool pics I need to post soon- I've been recreating the Pottery Barn catalog here at the house. After I've done some more work, maybe I'll get around to posting the pics for "comparing and contrasting" purposes.


Gillian said...

You do know that both Pottery Barn addiction and Krispy Kreme addiction are recoverable from. It's a simple twelve-step process....

Nanci said...

But why would I ever want to recover (esp. from the PB addiction)? And really, even if I kicked the PB habit, I'd still have Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma Home, Z Gallerie, and the like to feed the addiction.

My name is Nanci, and I will not become a recovering home decor addict. ;-)