22 July 2006

Ethan update

Today Ethan asked my mom if she knows "how to make a hat out of a newspaper." She tells me that, when they're done, they'll be making sow's ears out of purses.

Ethan has been pretending to be Bono for quite some time now. He loves stealing my sunglasses,which look like flyshades on him, and running around the house playing air guitar. Now, however, he seems to be branching out. over the past few days, he's been playing air bass (shoulder-held, not upright). He's even switched from holding a pretend guitar pick to plucking strings with his right hand. How does he know this stuff? All I can say is, I hope he ends up more like Sting or Geddy Lee than The Cheese. ;-) He continues composing his own songs - today's was called "Deep (Down in the Ocean)," and is mainly the word deep repeated rhythmically with occasional other lyrics thrown in to spice things up. (When in the car, he still Vogues up a storm, though, thanks to Mitch's careful instruction during our roadtrip last May, LOL.)

He's getting VERY into the notion of kindergarten. His first day is 30 August, and he's ready. He's got the personalized backpack and Cars lunchbox with Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Doc Hudson. The last was harder to come by than I'd thought - we had to have Mater and Doc, and this one seems to be the only one not totally devoted to that limelight hog McQueen...

What else? Let's see...
He still loves all things having to do with maps, and likes to count off all the states he's been to so far (25 + Canada). He told me the other day that he plans to work at "Pixar Animation Studios" when he grows up. He's not going to work "at Pixar," you have to say the whole company name. What does he plan to do there? Be the voices for Mater and Doc Hudson in future Cars releases. (I've not told him they won't make a zillion versions.)

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