04 July 2006

Happy Feet

Tonight I’m hanging out at home, waiting for tomorrow. For the first time ever, perhaps, I am looking forward to the Fourth of July. Will I be watching fireworks, eating something from the grill and doing those “all-American” things the media would have us believe that everyone else out there is doing? In a word, no. I’ll be spending the evening in an Irish pub with an Englishman. One of the highlights of my summer is about to begin - the Colin Dunne Masterclass!

Colin will be in Raleigh this week, and my friend Liz and I are taking his afternoon masterclass. It’s 3 hours both days, so, assuming we aren’t dead from overexertion, we should be happy dancers. Tomorrow night we get to ease into things, though, with an orientation session held at Tir Na nOg.

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