26 July 2006

I heart Project Runway

Oh, how I love Wednesday nights at 10pm. Finally, something worth watching! I agree with what Tim Gun has said, this year's group of designers is far better, on balance, than the previous two seasons. However, I do miss some people terribly, like sweet, adorable Uncle Nick.

I have even sort of begun to miss Evil Santino, who doesn't seem nearly so bad in this pic as he normally did.

I am totally loving Tim and Michael Kors (though having Vera Wang guest these past 2 week has been cool too).

A blog I read has described Vincent as "if Fozzy the Bear and Woody Allen's superego mated." LOL So, what on earth is THIS MAN and his basket/hat doing still on the show when Malan of Fakeaccentia is gone?

Now will we ever get confirmation that, indeed, Malan is a character played by Tim Curry?

If only we had an Alan Cumming lookalike as well, I'd be in heaven. On second thought, perhaps the real Alan could go on the show, to save him from fates like this:

Back to PR now, two things that are really irking me now, one totally trivial, the other not so much:
1 - Does anyone really walk the way Heidi Klum does across the opening titles? The skirt is waaay too short, the heels look ridiculous with it, and she picks her feet up in such a way as to make us thinks she's walking through mud.

2 - Why oh WHY hasn't Andrea taken her bubble skirts and gone back off the grid to Ohio? Will someone PLEASE put us out of our misery?


Michelle said...

Very funny comments, Nanci! Poor Alan Cummings indeed.

And you know the producers are keeping Angela around for at least several more episodes because they like the drama she creates. I hate that part of the show--just show me the clothes!

I liked the architect lady in the first 2 episodes but lost all affection for her when she refused to touch her dog. What was up with that?

Marji said...

an alternative viewpoint: Michael is this seasons Santino. Different design sensibility, and probably better technical skills, but: All the ego, all the I'm SO above all this" attitude, all the "I can't respect the judges" BS.
my take on why Angela is IN and Katherine is OUT: personal presentation. Who films better, an attractive if not as talented kooky woman, or a rather dumpy designer who wears t-shirts and boys baggy jeans. Katherine might have survived if she presented better personally. my take.
and yes, Heidi, for crying out loud, lingerie is not outerwear.

Nanci said...

That;'s a good point, Marji, about presentation of the designers themselves. Though look how some of the male designers have dressed - it seems that (as is typical in general) the women are maybe being held to different standards than the men. Mr Neck Tattoos certainly doesn't look good (imho). At least Katherine looked comfy :-) I think she's just too young and inexperienced at this point. Her dress, I thought, was generally cute, just need a bit more of that special something (and a better hemline). I did love the greens and the pleating work on the bodice. I also like the dog's hoodie.

Michelle said...

Do you guys read the commentary on PR by the socialite's life blog? I think it's hilarious:


Interesting point about personal presentation, MARJI, but I still think the producers are keeping Angela on the show to create conflict.

I swear tatoo boy has "Detroit" written on his neck. I find the tattoos incredibly ugly and distracting. Maybe that's the point...

Nanci said...

Supposedly Jeffrey's son's middle name is Detroit, but ya know, that's still not a good excuse. You don't see me wandering around with Jacob scrawled on my neck. (Though if I did have to have E's middle name there, I suppose I should thank Mitch for vetoing the name Padraig Llywelyn. That would cost me 3 more letters of pain.)